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Tiny Friends

Welcome to my personal project, where imagination meets nature in the form of enchanting characters, each uniquely designed to spark joy and curiosity in children. This collection of characters, intended for various children’s books, is a creative exploration that blends elements of the natural world with a whimsical twist. Featuring an array of characters, from tiny green vegetables like onions and beets to more abstract embodiments of nature like a stump with lava, a water droplet with leaves, and a stone adorned with glowing mushrooms, this project is a celebration of nature’s diversity and charm.


Character design


Own project




In this unique character collection, the foundation of each design is meticulously crafted using vector graphics. This method ensures crisp, clean lines that define the core structure of every character, providing a solid base for further artistic exploration. To enhance the vibrancy and depth of these characters, various types of digital brushes are employed. These brushes are carefully selected to elevate the colors, shadows, and light, creating a rich tapestry of visual elements.

A key aspect of this artistic process is the use of brushes to infuse a handcrafted feel into the digital artwork. This approach bridges the gap between traditional artistry and modern digital techniques, resulting in characters that are both contemporary in design and warm in texture. The interplay of light and shadow is particularly emphasized, adding a dynamic and lifelike quality to each character.

All characters in this series are created from a child's perspective, making them relatable and engaging for young readers. Many of these characters embody a distinct emotion or feeling, allowing children to easily connect with them on an emotional level. This empathetic design approach ensures that each character is not just a visual delight but also a friend that children can identify with and understand.

Character design Potato

Playful design

At the heart of this project is a playful design philosophy. The characters are conceived with a sense of fun and whimsy, making them instantly appealing to a young audience. From the cheerful smile of a beet to the curious eyes of a stone with mushrooms, every design element is intended to delight and engage children, sparking their imagination and encouraging them to see the wonder in the natural world around them.

Character design Onion

Modern texture

Each character in this series is brought to life with modern textures that add depth and intrigue. The textures are carefully chosen to reflect the natural essence of the characters, whether it's the roughness of a tree stump or the smooth surface of a water droplet. These textures not only enhance the visual appeal but also encourage a sensory experience, inviting children to imagine how each character might feel to the touch.

Character design wood

Nature features

The unique aspect of these characters is their features, inspired directly from nature. Elements like leaves, lava, and glowing mushrooms are not just decorative; they are integral to each character's identity, telling a story about where they come from and how they interact with their environment. This approach not only introduces children to various aspects of nature but also weaves in subtle lessons about the ecosystem and the interconnectedness of all living things.

Character design Beet

Custom Character Design?

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