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Emelie is an illustrator and designer from Stockholm, Sweden and have over 8 years of experience of making 2D art, pattern design, vector illustration and children books. 

She colloborate with entrepreneurs, writers and business to transform their ideas into beautiful, shareable and lighthearted illustrations.

Emelie is proud to be an illustrator who highlights the beautiful aspects of food culture, sustainability and the environment. Emelie is also passionate about creating products with deep ties to children and parenting.


Emelie has a bachelor's degree in Media Technology where she has studied media design, graphic design, web publishing and digital tools in text and image editing, web and interaction design. In her studies, Emelie further developed her ability to shape, evaluate and convey functions through the design of digital media.

She have also studied Sustainable Design where she learned to adapt different design solutions from nature as a model in her creative design. The inspiration from Earth and nature become an important part of Emelies further work and how design can contribute to a sustainable and better world.


Emelie has since 2017 a diploma in Illustration from Bergh's School of Communication and has taken courses in:

  • Character-Driven Illustrations (by Kenneth Anderson)

  • Mastering Lighting and Shading (by Aveline Stokart)

  • How to Draw Cartoon Characters (by Maria Lia Malandrino)

  • Lighting Principles for Digital Painting (by Samuel Smith)

  • Digital Painting for Characters: Color and Light (by Joel Santana)

  • Illustrating Emotions through Color (by Gaby Zermeño)

  • Personal Brand Creation based on Pattern Design (by Ana Blooms) 

  • Photoshop for Illustrators (by Gemma Gould)

  • Color Theory (by Jean Fraisse)

  • Introduction to Digital Landscapes (by Philip Sue)


Emelie now lives in Nacka, Stockholm with her husband and two children.


Anna Atterlöf - Children´s book "Mormor slår ängarna"

Jessica Hellström Gustavsson - Children´s book "Do you want to help Axis to dare?"

Blöjupproret - Illustrations of EC-positions

KungSängen Produktion AB - More information about this project will come autumn/winter 2022

Mohèros AB - Children book and children posters

Maria Andersson, Elin Jäverbrant, Sara Gren, Anna Dymle Mozart, Teres Wramell - Children´s ebook analogy


Sophia Lunden/ Weight Goals - Flat vector illustrations for app symbols

Lilbus - Fabric design for various products

Anna-Theresé Hernqvist - Illustration for perfume packaging

Eventolot AB - Profile icon/illustration

Posterkid - Children's posters

Lilla Bombom - Children´s book "Lilla BomBom har tygblöja" / "Little Bombom has a cloth diaper". Fabric design for children products

Variphy - Illustrations for marketing collateral

Claire Charters - Animal illustrations for rescue center in Australia

Anna-Theresé Hernqvist -  Children´s book "Fladdermusen som så gärna ville vara ett husdjur" / "The bat that wanted to be a pet". Published by Cookies N Dragons

Carlie - Scandinavian Animal Posters

Supercubs International - Children´s book "In the Garden" and

"All about me"

Jena Cash - Children´s book "The girl and the fox"

Amie Cawood - Children´s book series "My first Emergency"

Anna Atterlöf - Children´s book "Lillebror bajsar i vattnet" / "Little brother

poop´s in the water. Published by Cookies N Dragons.

Maria Monte - Children´s book "Eve´s Ducklings"

Johan Nordholm - Children´s book "Min första bok om VIRUS"/ "My first book about VIRUS". Published by IDUS förlag

Raquel Klassen -  Children´s book "Forever and ever"


Emelie Wiklund


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