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Stoat and Newt go to Norway

Embark on a captivating journey with "Stoat & Newt Go to Norway," a heartwarming tale of adventure and discovery. Join our intrepid duo, Stoat and Newt, as they set off to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Norway. From the thunderous majesty of cascading waterfalls to the scenic wonders aboard the famous Flåm Railway, winding along precipitous mountain edges, this story is a celebration of the natural world.

As Stoat and Newt venture further, they encounter the awe-inspiring sight of orcas dancing among the waves, a testament to the vibrant wildlife that calls Norway home. Every page is a discovery, mirroring the characters' sense of wonder and the magical essence of their surroundings.


Children´s book, character design, cover desing


Jacob Rice &

Jordan Gianneschi



Bird illustration
Sign Fläm train

Crafted with meticulous detail, the illustrations in "Stoat & Newt Go to Norway" are composed using vector graphics, skillfully blended with a variety of brushes to achieve a soft texture and a handcrafted feel.

This technique breathes life into the images, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the atmospheric beauty that Stoat and Newt experience. The art not only tells a story but evokes the very soul of Norway, leaving a lasting impression of its enchanting and wild spirit.

Stone with worm illustration

"Then a  CRACK!
“Lightning!” shouts Newt.


Illustration process

Character design

Character Sheet
Stoat and Newt go to Norway

Follow Stoat and Newt on their journey to Norway!

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