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Do you want to help Axis to dare?

This charming children's book, "Do You Want to Help Axis to Dare?" by Jessica Hellström, introduces young readers to Axis, an axolotl who is hesitant to venture out and forage for food. The book is not only a delightful story but also an educational tool, teaching children relaxation techniques through breathing exercises. As they assist Axis in overcoming fears, children simultaneously learn valuable skills to manage their own anxieties.

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Cover design, characer design, inlay illustrations





Axolotl Illustration

The illustrations in "Do You Want to Help Axis to Dare?" are thoughtfully designed to reflect Axis's emotional journey. Using vibrant scenes where the colors of the surroundings symbolize Axis's feelings, the book visually represents the transition from anxiety to calmness. When Axis feels uneasy, the environment around him becomes darker, visually depicting his fear. As he learns to relax and embrace courage, the scenery shifts to light and harmonious colors, mirroring his newfound tranquility.

Employing vector graphics combined with digital brushes, the illustrations are lively and colorful, inviting readers into the underwater world of the axolotl. This artistic approach not only captures the essence of the story but also educates about the axolotl's natural habitat, diet, and lifestyle. The book’s visual narrative complements its aim to provide children with a practical relaxation tool while simultaneously broadening their knowledge about this unique aquatic creature.

Axolotl childrens book

Join Axis!

as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and courage in 'Do You Want to Help Axis to Dare?'. Dive into this beautifully illustrated story that not only entertains but also imparts valuable life skills for managing emotions and fostering mental well-being. Perfect for parents and educators seeking to enrich children's emotional intelligence, this book is a treasure trove of learning and fun. Embrace the adventure and the lessons within, and take a step towards nurturing a generation of resilient and mindful individuals.

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