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Posterkid - Swedish educational posters

Discover the educational and engaging series of children's posters I have designed for This collection, comprising 'Swedish Vegetables', 'Swedish Birds', and 'Swedish Mushrooms', offers a delightful visual exploration of Sweden's natural flora and fauna. Each poster is crafted to be both informative and visually stimulating, making them perfect for educational settings or as a charming addition to a child's room. Each poster in this series combines educational value with artistic flair, creating a learning experience that is both effective and enjoyable. Designed with attention to detail and a commitment to engaging young minds, these posters are a testament to the power of combining art and education.

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Poster illustrations





In creating these posters, I have employed a blend of vector graphics and hand-drawn details using dry digital brushes. This unique combination allows for sharp, clear lines and shapes, characteristic of vector art, while the hand-drawn elements add a touch of warmth and personal flair. The use of dry brushes gives each illustration a distinct texture, contributing to a playful and modern feel.

The textures and colors are carefully chosen to make each element of nature - be it a bird, vegetable, or mushroom - pop out, making the posters both a visual delight and an effective educational tool. The result is a series of posters that beautifully balance professionalism in design with a fun, engaging look, perfectly suited for educational environments or as a delightful addition to any child's room.

Educational poster birds

Svenska fåglar

Take flight with the 'Swedish Birds' poster, featuring six different birds commonly found in Sweden. Each bird is depicted with meticulous detail and vibrant colors, bringing the beauty of avian life into any room. The poster not only displays the birds but also includes their names, aiding in both visual recognition and literacy skills for young learners.

Educational poster vegetables

Svenska grönsaker

This vibrant poster showcases a selection of six common Swedish vegetables, each beautifully illustrated to capture the essence of the vegetable world. The names of the vegetables are clearly displayed, making it easy for children to learn and remember them. The use of digital hand-drawn objects with dry brushes gives each vegetable a colorful and playful appearance, perfect for engaging young minds.

Educational poster mushrooms

Svenska svampar

Explore the fascinating world of fungi with the 'Swedish Mushrooms' poster. This educational piece presents six types of mushrooms native to Sweden, each rendered with a lively and playful touch. The digital hand-drawn technique, using dry brushes, lends a unique texture to each mushroom, making the poster a visually engaging educational tool.


Custom Illustration & Design

Looking for unique posters for your campany? Emelie offers custom illustration and design services to bring your ideas to life. 

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