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Anna and the Rosemaling hearts

Explore the Scandinavian rosemaling hearts tradition through a beautifully illustrated storybook. Join Anna as she discovers her grandparents' heritage and learns the importance of perseverance. This book takes children on a journey through Scandinavian culture and includes step-by-step instructions for creating their own rosemaling hearts. It also features thought-provoking questions, vibrant illustrations, and a free template for crafting.

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Blue Rosemaling Hearts
Green Rosemaling Hearts


Illustration, character design, cover design


Scandinavian hearts




Whether children are exploring their own heritage or discovering new cultures, this book offers an engaging way for them to broaden their horizons and acquire new skills while enjoying a captivating story. "Anna and the Rosemaling Hearts" is the perfect book to delve into the treasure trove of Scandinavian culture and tradition. For "Anna and the Rosemaling Hearts," the illustrations were meticulously crafted using a base of vector graphics, providing crisp and clean lines that define the distinct style of the book.

To enhance the atmosphere, textures and a variety of brushes were strategically employed, adding depth and richness to each scene. The careful application of these elements brought out subtle shadows and detailed environments, striking a beautiful balance that complements the story. This artistic approach not only captures the essence of Scandinavian rosemaling art but also breathes life into the characters and settings.

The textures and brush strokes work in harmony to create a visual experience that is both immersive and enchanting. The result is a series of illustrations that not only tell a story but also create a vivid, atmospheric world that young readers can lose themselves in, perfectly aligning with the book's goal of celebrating cultural heritage in a visually stunning and accessible way.

Character design

Character Design
Anna and the Rosemaling Hearts

Follow Anna

as she learn more about Rosemaling Hearts and the Scandinavian culture!

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