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An ibis called Elvis

Meet Elvis, an adorable Australian White Ibis! Join his heartwarming journey in this delightful children's book. Found as an egg on the ground and placed in an incubator, Elvis takes his first breath and steps into the world.

Follow along as the book takes you through Elvis's growth, how he gets his name, and becomes a social media sensation. Witness him learning to groom his feathers, find his own food, and build strength for flying.​


Illustrations, cover design, character design


Wild about books, Australia




With love and care from a wildlife carer, Elvis thrives and achieves milestones in his young life. Finally, he is released in a beautiful wetland with fellow ibises. The book emphasizes the importance of preserving wetlands and keeping them clean for all the wonderful creatures that inhabit this marvelous environment.

Discover the magic of nature and embark on an adventure with "An ibis called Elvis"," an inspiring and entertaining story for children of all ages written by author Fiona O'Sullivan.

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Australian White Ibis

"So tiny and helpless,
yet so full of life.
This baby needs help
or it´s in strife."

An Ibis called Elvis

as he embarks on his heartwarming journey of discovery and growth in this charming children's book. From the moment he hatches from an egg, placed carefully in an incubator, to his first tentative steps into the world, Elvis's story is one of wonder and exploration.

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