Join the girl and see her adventure with the friendly fox. The Girl and the Fox is a nice and beautiful story about a friendship written by the author Jena Cash.

"The bat that wanted to be a pet" is a lovely story about the bat Fiona and her friendship with the girl Alina. Will Fiona become a pet like she always wanted to be?

Designed paintings with Scandinavian animals that can also be bought together with beautiful reading lamps for children.


The collaboration is with the Danish interior design company Carlie.



16  /  05/  2021

Read the article about how Raquel Klassen got the idea for the script for the book "Forever and ever" which I had the honor to illustrate!


07  /  07 /  2021

Eve´s Ducklings has launched!

Order your copy and read more about the book!


01  /  10/  2021

Buy my designed posters with Scandinavian animals from the Danish company Carlie. Psst! Don't forget to take a look at their amazing night lights!