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Picture cards

For the Young Intro project, I developed illustrative picture cards aimed at children and youth. Tasked by Young Intro, I focused on creating designs that embodied soft and reassuring expressions, employing contrasts to draw attention and enhance engagement. My design process emphasized fostering a sense of security and inclusiveness, ensuring broad representation to mirror the diverse experiences and interests of the audience. This meticulous approach was aimed at delivering educational tools that were not only visually appealing but also supportive of diverse learners, aligning with Young Intro's educational goals.

Find more information at Young Intro.


Card illustration, character design


Young Intro




In developing the design for the picture cards, I prioritized conveying soft, reassuring expressions, utilizing contrasts to capture attention and ensure the illustrations were not only engaging but also comforting. My approach focused on creating a sense of safety and inclusivity, aiming for good representation to reflect the diversity of children and youth’s experiences and interests. 

By integrating these elements, the design process was a meticulous blend of artistry and intentionality, aimed at producing educational tools that are both informative and supportive of diverse learners.

Picture cards

Discover more about this remarkable project and learn about Young Intro's mission and values by visiting their website. There, you'll find detailed information on how these illustrative picture cards are making a difference in educational settings, alongside insights into Young Intro's broader initiatives to support children and youth development.

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