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Surface design

Clothing designs for the Spring/Summer 2024 (SS24) collection. This page showcases a range of my own original designs, each crafted with the unique needs and imaginations of children in mind. The SS24 collection is a vibrant blend of creativity, comfort, and style, perfectly suited for the playful and dynamic nature of children. Dive into a world of fresh, innovative designs that are set to redefine kids' fashion for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.


Pattern design


Own designs




Surface Designs

Working predominantly with soft brushes, my approach is to create designs that are playful and gentle to the touch. This technique results in a soft, almost tactile feel, inviting children to not only wear these clothes but to engage with them. The softness of the brushwork complements the fluidity of the fabrics, ensuring that each garment is as comfortable as it is visually appealing.

My goal is to inspire movement, play, and creativity in children through these designs. The clothing is more than just apparel; it's a canvas for imagination, encouraging kids to explore, interact, and express themselves. Drawing inspiration from our Earth and its natural wonders, this collection is designed to spark joy and wonder in both children and those who care for them, making each piece a celebration of childhood and the natural world.

Handmade pattern design

Let´s play!

At the heart of my designs is a deep focus on seeing the world through a child’s eyes, drawing heavily on elements from nature. Each piece in the collection is inspired by the beauty and diversity of the natural world, incorporating both its objects and its palette. From the gentle hues of early spring flowers to the vivid shades of a summer sunset, nature's colors are reflected in these designs.

Nordic pattern design
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Designs SS24


"Sunbeam" is a playful pattern that embodies the spirit of summer. This design is a vibrant medley of pastel blues, purples, greens, and pinks with bursts of sunny yellow, featuring whimsical leaves, stones, and seashells. Perfect for carefree days, it reflects the freedom of children playing on the beach, toes grazing the warm sand as the golden sun dips below the horizon. Each piece of clothing with this pattern is a canvas of joy, ideal for summer adventures.

Nordic pattern design
Handmade pattern design
Handmade pattern design
Nordic pattern design
Nordic pattern design
Nordic pattern design

Surfside Chalk

"Surfside Chalk" is a vibrant fabric design that celebrates the essence of summer fun. Adorned with playful surfing boards, swaying palm trees, gentle waves, intricate shells, and colorful corals, this pattern is a tribute to the carefree days spent at the beach. Perfect for children's clothing, this design encapsulates the excitement of summer adventures, from the thrill of catching a wave to the joy of exploring the sandy shores. 

Tropical Frolic

Bring the carefree spirit of summertime into your fabric collections with 'Tropical Frolic,' a pattern that radiates joy and imaginative play. This playful array showcases a blend of ocean blues, warm corals, and calming greens, evoking memories of sunny days and whimsical seaside escapades. With a design that's brimming with youthful charm, this hand-drawn pattern is ideal for inspiring a vibrant line of children's apparel or home textiles, providing a delightful touch of tropical wonder to any piece.

4. Single Tops and Dresses_8.png
Nordic pattern design
5. Single Downs6.png
Pattern design ss24
Pattern design ss24
Nordic cloth diapers design

Chalk Safari

"Mum, remember all the animals we saw today at the zoo?". This light hearted pattern design as a tribute to the childhood memories and family bonding.

Archipelago Breeze

"Archipelago Breeze" is a delightful fabric design that encapsulates the idyllic charm of the Swedish archipelago. Adorned with motifs of seagulls, classic red cottages, seaweed, and sea grass, this pattern vividly portrays the peaceful allure of Sweden's coastal landscapes. The design conjures images of basking in the warm sun, the crisp scent of saltwater, and gentle breezes rustling through the islands. Ideal for children's clothing, this fabric offers not only visual enchantment but also a slice of Scandinavian summer wonder.

Nordic pattern design
Nordic pattern design
Nordic pattern design
Nordic pattern design
4. Single Tops and Dresses26.png

Nordic Nebula

With "Nordic Nebula", tiny travelers can don their own piece of the sky. This pattern blends the simplicity of Scandinavian design with the intrigue of the cosmos, offering a modern twist on the classic space theme that's as limitless as your child's imagination.

Paper Garden Playground

Introducing "Paper Garden Playground," a delightful duo of designs that will ignite your child's imagination. With a lively and abstract style reminiscent of paper collage, these patterns are a burst of joyful, bold colors. Shapes, plants, and flowers come together to create a playful and imaginative world perfect for kids. Embrace the charm of these designs that transport you to a world where creativity knows no bounds, as if your clothes are pieces of a vibrant paper collage come to life.

5. Single Downs22.png
5. Single Downs20.png
4. Single Tops and Dresses10.png
3. All Together15.png
4. Single Tops and Dresses25.png

Teneriffe Sea

"Teneriffe Sea" is an exquisite fabric design for children, blending beige, shades of blue, and earthy browns to evoke the essence of warm, sunny days by the sea. Abstract shapes in this pattern subtly suggest the gentle caress of ocean breezes and the comforting warmth of sand underfoot. Perfect for creating garments and accessories, this design brings a tranquil, beach-inspired ambiance to any child's wardrobe, infusing each piece with the soothing and playful spirit of seaside adventures.

Wild and Free

Introducing the "Wild and Free" pattern design, a celebration of the untamed beauty of the forest and the joy of childhood exploration. This enchanting motif captures the essence of playful adventures in nature, embodying the spirit of running barefoot, with the wind in your hair and the ground beneath your feet. Each element of the design, from the lush greenery of the forest to the silhouettes of children at play, evokes a sense of freedom and discovery, inviting little ones and their caregivers to connect with the great outdoors.

RBCD (unbuttoned) by Creatsy3.png
RBCD (angled) by Creatsy3.png
RBCD (standing) by Creatsy3.png
3. All Together9.png
4. Single Tops and Dresses24.png
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Prehistoric Pals

Explore the new kids' clothing collection, where the past meets the present in a playful fusion of colors and design. Our abstract and modern dinosaur patterns in pink, vibrant yellow, and navy blue bring a fresh and playful vibe to each garment. The light beige background creates an elegant contrast, giving the clothes a timeless touch. Get ready to let your child stand out in style with our unique and colorful pieces!

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