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Nelly Says NO!

Today is Nelly's birthday party, hooray! There's cake and presents, but does one have to say thank you with hugs and kisses? What happens if one doesn't want to embrace? 'Nelly Says No!' is a colorful book about consent, offering both children and adults the chance to practice setting and respecting boundaries. Written by Sabine Mickelsson, this story aims to make the concept of consent workable in everyday life and address the continuing issues where one in three children have their boundaries crossed. With this narrative, Mickelsson hopes to not only engage children but also resonate with adults who partake in the reading, enhancing their understanding of the book’s message.


Cover design, inlay illustrations


Sabine Mickelsson,

Kikkuli Publishers




Nelly Says No!' is crafted using a blend of vector and raster graphics, employing soft, colorful hues designed to establish a sense of security for the young readers. The gentle graphic style is deliberately chosen to foster a comforting atmosphere, reinforcing the book's theme that it's okay for children to say no. The illustrations and characters all convey a soft and familiar impression, contributing to the safe and inviting tone of the book.

Each page is a pedagogical exploration of personal space and consent, expressed in a rhyme that is engaging and warm, pulling the reader into Nelly's world. Notably, a dinosaur becomes an interesting addition, capturing the children's attention and making them request the book to be read again—a testament to its impact. The inviting and vibrant palette complements the streamlined and educational illustrations, hoping for future adventures with the charming Nelly.


Join Nelly!

at her birthday party in 'Nelly Says No!', a vibrant and educational story that not only entertains but also teaches important lessons about consent and personal boundaries. Ideal for parents and educators aiming to enhance children's understanding of their own and others' boundaries, this book is an invaluable resource for fostering a generation confident in saying no.

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