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My First Emergency

Introducing the "My First Emergency" children’s book series, a collection designed to engage and educate young minds on how to react in emergency situations. Through the adventures of lovable Australian native animal characters, these books provide essential lessons on safety, presented in a manner that's both enjoyable and informative.

Each book in the series brings to life a different emergency scenario—be it a situation requiring the ambulance, fire brigade, or police—showcasing how these critical services respond to help those in need. At the heart of the series are our heroic characters: Paramedic Ambo Kookie the Kookaburra, Fireman Rooey the Kangaroo, and Police Officer Emy the Emu, who embody the spirit of the real-life heroes in emergency services.


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Amie Cawood



Childrens book Ambulance
Childrens book Fireman
Childrens book Police

Crafted with the modern child in mind, the illustrations in "My First Emergency" are rendered in vibrant vector techniques, enhanced with dry brushes to achieve a handcrafted feel. This unique blend of digital precision and artistic touch gives the books a contemporary edge while maintaining the warmth and approachability of traditional children's literature. The rich, colorful illustrations are specifically designed to capture the attention of young readers, drawing them into each story and the valuable lessons it holds.

Beyond the engaging narratives and eye-catching art, these books are structured to facilitate meaningful discussions between children and adults. Each story concludes with a discussion page, providing an ideal platform for adults to teach and reinforce key safety practices, including the vital emergency number to call.

With the initial trio of books setting the foundation for the series, "My First Emergency" is poised to expand, introducing new scenarios, and lessons with each addition. 

This series promises not only to entertain but to instill a sense of confidence and preparedness in children, making learning about emergencies an engaging experience for the little ones.

With the initial trio of books setting the foundation for the series, "My First Emergency" is poised to expand, introducing new scenarios, and lessons with each addition. 

Character Design My first emergency

Ambo Kookie

Step into the action-packed world of Ambo Kookie, the kookaburra paramedic who’s always ready to lend a wing in times of emergency. Ambo Kookie combines her medical expertise with a friendly, caring, and empathetic nature, making her the perfect first responder in times of need. Despite her small stature, her positivity and bubbly personality are immense, bringing comfort and calm to any emergency situation. Follow Ambo Kookie’s adventures as she swiftly comes to the rescue, showcasing her problem-solving skills and dedication to helping those in distress.

Character Design My first emergency

Police Officer Emy

Step into the shoes of Police Officer Emy, the emu with a towering presence and an unwavering commitment to justice. Her friendly and inquisitive demeanor makes her an excellent investigator, always ready to ask the right questions and get to the bottom of any case. Emy’s speed and determination enable her to respond swiftly to incidents, embodying the essence of a dedicated law enforcement officer. Experience the thrill of Officer Emy’s fast-paced job as she works tirelessly to prevent crime, ensuring the community's safety and spreading joy with her high fives.

Character Design My first emergency

Fireman Rooey

Get ready for action with Fireman Rooey, the kangaroo whose strength, speed, and resilience make him an exemplary firefighter. Driving his big red fire truck, Rooey and his crew are always ready to leap into action and tackle emergencies head-on. Known for his protective nature, Rooey is a fitness enthusiast, ensuring he stays in top shape to meet the demands of his heroic duties. Join him and his dedicated team as they navigate the challenges of firefighting, demonstrating courage and teamwork every step of the way.

Childrens book Police car
Childrens book Firetruck
Childrens book Ambulance

Follow Ambo Kookie, Fireman Rooey, and Police Officer Emy as they invite young readers into their world of bravery, compassion, and adventure, teaching important lessons about safety, teamwork, and the critical roles of emergency services.

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