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Me and the Environment series

Welcome to the "Me and the Environment" series, a collection of educational books designed to enlighten young readers about Sweden's environmental goals. This series is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship in our daily lives. Each book within the series focuses on one or several of Sweden's environmental objectives, presenting them in an accessible and engaging way for children.


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Anna Atterlöf



Bee illustration
Bee illustration

Crafted with a unique blend of vector and pixel graphics, these books stand out for their ability to combine a clear educational purpose with the engaging storytelling and vibrant illustrations that captivate the imagination of young readers. The artwork is meticulously designed to complement the educational content, ensuring that learning about the environment is not only informative but also visually appealing and enjoyable.

The "Me and the Environment" series is characterized by its focus on balancing a distinct educational feel with narrative depth. The colorful illustrations serve not just as a backdrop to the text but as a critical component of the storytelling, helping to bring the environmental themes and messages to life. Through this series, children are invited to embark on a journey of discovery, learning about the challenges our environment faces and the actions they can take to contribute to a healthier planet.

By integrating educational content with storytelling and eye-catching graphics, these books aim to inspire a new generation of environmentally conscious individuals. The "Me and the Environment" series is a testament to the power of education through art, making it a valuable addition to any child's reading journey.

Cover design

Little brother poops in the water

Our journey begins with "Little brother poops in the water," where a lovely day at the beach takes an unexpected turn. The water in the lake is green and murky. Something's amiss, but what could it be? This story embarks on an enlightening exploration of how waste affects our lakes, rivers, and oceans, linking directly to the goal of "no eutrophication," one of Sweden's key environmental objectives. As the first installment in the "Me and the Environment" series, this book sets the stage for a deeper understanding of our impact on aquatic ecosystems.

Cover design

Grandma cuts the meadows

In "Grandma cuts the meadows" we're introduced to a warm summer day where grandmother is mowing the lawn with her ride-on mower, yet she leaves the meadow grass untouched. Why does she decide to preserve these areas? The narrative gently guides readers through the importance of maintaining our agricultural landscapes, associated with the goal of "a rich agricultural landscape." This book, the second in the series, illuminates the delicate balance required to nurture and sustain our valuable odlingslandskap.

Cover design

Grandma picks lingonberries

The series concludes with "Grandma picks lingonberries" where the quest for homemade lingonberry jam leads to a surprising discovery. The lingonberries by the roadside don't seem quite right. Where can better lingonberries be found? This tale educates on the stewardship of our forests, the do's and don'ts of foraging, and is tied to the goal of "living forests." As the third book in the "Me and the Environment" series, it wraps up our journey with a focus on the sustainable management and enjoyment of Sweden's lush woodlands.

Woods illustration

Dive into the "Me and the Environment" series, where each book opens a window to the wonders of the natural world and our role in preserving it. Through the adventures of familiar characters and their interactions with Sweden's stunning landscapes, young readers are invited to learn, explore, and become champions for the environment. Join us on this journey of discovery and help inspire a new generation to treasure and protect our planet. Let's make every story count towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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