Meet Emelie Wiklund

Illustrator. Designer

Emelie Wiklund is a freelance illustrator who creates illustrations with digital watercolors. The illustrations are highlighted by their abstract and fluid colors that meet the more professional details of vector design.

Emelie is proud to be an illustrator who highlights the beautiful aspects of food culture, sustainability and the environment. Emelie is also passionate about creating products with deep ties to children and parenting.



Emelie has a bachelor's degree in Media Technology where she has studied media design, graphic design, web publishing and digital tools in text and image editing, web and interaction design. In her studies, Emelie further developed her ability to shape, evaluate and convey functions through the design of digital media.

Emelie have also studied Sustainable Design where she learned to adapt different design solutions from nature as a model in her creative design. The inspiration from Earth and nature become an important part of Emelies further work and how design can contribute to a sustainable and better world.

Emelie has since 2017 a diploma in Illustration from Bergh's School of Communication and has been a freelance illustrator since.

Emelie now lives in Nacka, Stockholm with her husband and two children.


Recent clients and colloborations

The girl and the fox

Childrens Book

A children book made for author Jena Cash about a little girl and her adventures with a friendly fox. The colloboration included a complete childrens book, cover design, formatting and layout to include the script in the book.


Little brother poops in the water

Childrens Book

A colloboration with environmental strategist Anna Atterlöf about Swedish environmental goals and eutrophication.

Eve´s Ducklings

Childrens Book

A colloboration with author Maria Monte which include a complete childrens book, cover design, formatting and layout to include the script in the book.


Scandinavian Animals

Animal illustrations for kids brand

Illustrations of Scandinavian animals used on various products and packaging made for Charlotte Riddersholm, Trade Logistics.



Childrens Book

A colloboration with author Eva Bichler which include a complete childrens book, cover design, formatting and layout to include the script in the book.



Food Illustrations

The collaboration includes food illustrations for plant-based baby food. The illustrations should be used on baby food jars and on the website.


"Min första bok om VIRUS"

Childrens Book

A colloboration with Johan Nordholm that include a manuscript and illustrations about virus.


Art Cards

Card design

The collaboration includes design for cards within the standard collection as well as cards for the wedding and congratulations collection. The cooperation is ongoing.



Poster Design

The collaboration includes several food illustrations to be used on posters up to size 70 * 100 cm. The cooperation is ongoing.


Melissa Garcia

Pattern Design

The collaboration include one pattern design to be used on baby blankets.


"Forever and ever"

Childrens Book

"Forever and ever" is a childrens book made with author Raquel Klassen. The book is a story about a mothers love for her childs.


"Bark on Mars"

Childrens ebook

"Bark on Mars" was a colloboration with SET LCC that include a complete e-book for children.



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